יום חמישי, 28 בינואר 2016

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Trauma Attracts Trauma

What do I mean? We attract trauma after we have trauma. That means that one can find oneself in the same situation time and time again, as though history is repeating itself.
This is very bad; you really do not want to experience the trauma any longer, yet it repeats itself. Trauma is similar to a magnet. The same trauma that you experienced is the magnet that attracts another from the same category. You can do a lot to try to avoid it, but that this will almost certainly fail and the same trauma kind of will happen again.
This occurs not only with large traumas, but also with small negative incidents you do not like. It is a kind of law of negative attraction - we do not realize how we are caught in our own webs; our lives are repetitions of the same negative occurences, big or small.
We see this with a whole nation - Am Yisrael, the Jewish People. The expulsion from Gush Katif happened in Israel because our people has a traumatic history of expulsions for the past  2000 years and, remarkably, many of the people who were in Gush Katif had also been in Yamit in the Sinai which was also evacuated when Sinai was given to Egypt.
I see this pattern over and over in my work when I ask people how many times they have experienced certain traumas.
Nevertheless, the wonderful thing is that with TAT we are able to stop the whole cycle and heal the traumas causing the repetitions.
Watch the following video about trauma:

Pain and Relationships

I came some time ago not knowing what this method was, and realizing that the usual techniques were not going to be enough. I had tried various healing methods over the years, yet there were still there were many relationship issues as well as physical elements that needed to be cleared up. I was willing to try something where the process and benefits were totally unfamiliar.
So I was open to accepting something new, which helps, yet still wanted to understand what this process was all about. Therefore we spent some time on my trying to comprehend what TAT is. The best part is performing TAT, and I've also begun working on the physical symptoms through EFT. I realized that for the first time in twenty years there was some kind of shift and that it was not temporary, which often happens with new techniques, and that the process reaches somewhere deeper than other methods. This was true even when the same triggers came up again or when there were stressful events that would normally precipitate a systemic reaction. Once the physical symptoms began to dissipate, I could begin to address circumstances, the background of what seemed to be large triggers from way back and current ones as well. Sometimes we worked in the past and sometimes it was in the present. Sometimes it was mixed. I made a commitment to myself that this would be part of my weekly regimen. I started to feel a growing patience and excessive peace. Just getting a taste of the peace, even for a few minutes, is encouraging and encouraged me to stay with it -- even though there were often times when I wanted to stop or couldn't understand how the technique could benefit the relationship issues.
Then I saw the miracle in how so many issues changed without my having to tell the other person to get help, without knowing what I did differently in terms of the interaction with family members to bring out a different response on their part. I couldn't really put on paper what actually occurred, I just saw and experienced changes that I thought could never transpire. The process is continuing and it's deepening, and I sense that a new integrity and new dignity are within reach- not just for a few minutes, a day or a week. It could actually be that I can live a quality life. It is as though G-d or some spirit, or something that is pushing us to connect with Him, and to live in this world in a positive and happy way, and he has channeled it somehow through certain people. It's spreading and it's radiating throughout the world and touching people of all backgrounds, of all countries and languages, economic and socio-economic backgrounds.
So, step by step, I feel that once again I can take my place in the world, but in a new way; I have a new optimism about the life that I can actually live and the service that I can provide the world.
So I can only suggest to go beyond your present mode of thinking and be open enough to let your heart show you the way: to learn how to live by your heart and by your truth; to connect that very long distance between the mind and the heart, so that you become fully aligned and flowing in this beautiful world. 

You came to me full of pains and, remember, we worked on a lot of physical pains and matters such as family issues. Your relationship with your husband was terrible and relationships with your children were not good either, so we worked on all these things. We also worked on your relationship with your parents who were not in Israel, but in another country. You suffered from the distance between you and it was expressed in the pains that you felt in your body and couldn't control until we were able to break through. Now only a small remnant of the pains exists and you will find yourself without these pains for the rest of your life. You have also told me that through TAT, you have improved your relationships, your Shalom Bait and everything else surrounding you in your home and your family relationships.